You are stirring things up Lord … I am paying attention!

October 23, 2006 at 2:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Lord, this weekend was great! Time with Dimeji and Bimpe was definitely ordained by you because they are sooo similar to us in lifestyle and mindset. We really appreciate that! And thank your for inspiration for the designs we were able to complete. Now Lord, this week, I pray that you will lead us into a new level of glory. Help us to be diligent with spending time with you in the morning. Help me to be diligent with working out in the morning. Help us to be profitable in our business. The 4 mockup due this week Lord, I pray they turn into solid sales in Jesus Name. Now, Lord I pray that by the end of this week Lord, we will have book 6 more mockups in Jesus Name. I pray that all of our efforts will be crowned with success. I pray that we don’t ever get out of step with you on this wonderful but especially delicate journey. Yay for weighing 148.6 Really YAY! God has been so good to me … I’ll praise him!! Song that describes this season of more discipline that before although im not nearly all the way there yet! Discipline is the road to LIFE! 

This Week

Highlevel Blessed Work Goals

Complete Flash Training
Solidify Design Plan
Complete Design Concept
Review HIPAA Course
Begin Discussions with Freya about next rotation  

Highlevel Life Work Goals

Spend quality time with God everymorning
Work out every morning
4 new mockups this week
4 new accounts this week   

Monday 10.23.06 

Life Work

Flash Training: Complete Chapter 3,4,5Prepare Document to share progress with Andi? 

Blessed Work

Call Derek, Judith, Ricki, and others not called yet. Send out emails to CLComplete WTET mockupComplete 22Again designComplete Precision siteHave Folabi start an excel document for CL     


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Necessary Conversations … New Home

October 20, 2006 at 4:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok … this is new for me. I am hoping this helps me regularly document my very many, daily, self unconscious but heart conscious necessary conversations with my dear God.  So here goes what i have so far for today.

Blessed Work

Actionscripting fun! By 5pm
Reschedule Andi meeting, reminder to Rob meeting by 5pm
Look into Angela’s meeting


Set up a blog! 

Life’s Work

Call Sybil to schedule a time for Saturday
Nigerian Business Forum Mixer
Hair and Movie fun!

So this week has been super amazing! And I mean super super amazing! God you have just opened some mighty doors for us and vision lets us see that these doors are great and will work in our favor. Thank you for the CABWE meeting last night. It wasn’t what I expected but it was what you intended. Thank you for a desire to see it rebuilt and be made a blessing to the community. Thank you for giving me a heart for service. I pray that you will lead me not to overstep my boundaries or underreach them. Help me to just be in the realm where you are and do the work at the capacity that you would like me to. Thank you for all the blessings and all these great seeds and fertile land. The harvest is going to be one of the many rewarding times in our life’s that you will bless us with. Ok God so offload the ideas and help me to work with everyone to implement them. To capitalize on everyone’s strength.  Ok so although I am full!, I am still empty, eager to see what tonight is about. How you are going to bless us here as well! Keep on moving Lord, Keep on moving! Let tonight be another testimonies. Our expectations will never be cut short.  Lord, Thank you for still capitalizing on my doing work at work yesterday! You still blessed inspite of my out of wackness in my eye. Oh Lord, YWBH design is coming out great! I like it so far and im looking forward to what its going to look like in the end. The colors look maybe a little dull now but I know you know how to work it out so that everything works together at the end.  Lord thank you for 3 mockup opportunities so far between Tuesday and now! How exciting! We are well on our way to our goal of at least 10 by the end of November. Lord please add a new one by the end of today. I am claiming by your great grace and favor that all the mockups will turn into solid sales in Jesus Name! 

OloriDesignStudios: Do at least one sales activity a day! 

CABWE ideas – business showcase, fundraiser, celebration gala, young entr. workshop meetings every other month.

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