Rule in the place God has placed you

Implement Kingdom principles

Say no to procrastination

Expect to be blessed beyond belief. EXPECT IT! I believe it! I receive it! I am a R.I.S.E. Woman.  

Rule in the place God has placed you: You must be the clear ruler. In any area God has placed you, tap into the power to have dominion. Stand out positively! Be known! Be trusted for the quality of your work!  Implement Kingdom principles: Starting from yourself, WWGD must be engraved on your heart. Read the word to learn about how to live. You must affect change in your work environment. Your work must bring about change. Your life must make people ask how to do it and therefore help them learn about the empowering power of the Almighty God. 

Say no to procrastination: No negotiation. You must say no. NO! NO! NO! Your time must be effective. Apply your heart to wisdom and number your days! No second goes to waste! You are born to be productive! Just be yourself!  

Expect to be blessed beyond belief: You must know and know very well that you will succeed. Success is not an option when you are a RISE woman. The doors that only Jehovah can open have been opened. Your excellence in spirit and work just bring you through the doors. 

 Lord I am grateful that you have called me to RISE today and forever. In whatever domain I might find myself. I will RISE. To give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and be a good steward of what you have placed in my hands. With you there is never a ceiling to hit. No limits and no boundaries. Lord, my attitude is always, how can I do this better!

 1. Document your journey to the top by 2011.
2. Identify the position and chart your way to it.

Lord I now understand that it is necessary for a wealth transfer to transpire between me and the world; this wealth transfer does not relate to money, more fundamental, knowledge. I must learn the secrets of the trade that make these corporations so successful. Begin to document companies and cities, institutions, and establishments. Learn how to operate, how they are run. Learn, Learn, Learn.  Lord I thank you for yet another turning point. This one, a really important shift in my mind. I will begin to work smart and hard.  Note: Confidence drives away fear. Build confidence. Construct confidence on top of the weeds of fear. Fear wont survive.  

  1. Commit to journaling everyday
  2. Be a masterful steward of the treasure committed into your hands
  3. Build your business (on God’s principles)
  4. Never say one ill word about your employer. Bless the company. “When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes; evil talk turns it into a ghost town in no time.” Proverbs 11:11
  5. Begin the task of writing a very detailed plan for RISE corporate and RISE business

 God, all is commited in your hands. Bless it and cause it to happen. I tap into your grace to RISE!!!!!!    

Today October 12, 06

Because a RISE woman is intentional, she thoroughly plans her day in order to get the maximum productivity out of the day and out of herself in. Afterwards she makes a verbal confession to tap into the grace of God to accomplish all that she has set forth for herself this day.

Blessed Work

I commit to finishing the SharePoint training by 12noonI did not finish the training. I decided to elaborate more on it. I commit finish tomorrow.
I commit to be complete with data transfer to the SharePoint site by 2:00pmThis didn’t happen at all because of the work on the training.
I commit to setting up SharePoint training for Talent Directors by 2:30pmI don’t know what the best time to do this will be yet due to some things happening with the team.  

Life’s Work

I commit to cooking dinner tonight: by 6:30pm Complete Yay!
I commit to studying the parable of the talents by 8pm Completed by 8:10pm instead but felt like it was a rush job
I commit to David’s mockup by 8:45pm Completed David’s Mockup yay! Other than sizing issues, I love it!
I commit to the completion of the CSS layout of GlobeTTravel.com by 9:30pm Didn’t get to thisI commit to the completion of the CSS layout of OloriDesignStudios.com by 11:00pm Didn’t get to this  

… note worthy 
I am learning I have no problem thinking about how to go above and beyond with work. Ideas come to me sooooooo easily. I guess I was created to be the BEST! 8 hrs … work 80%, learn 20% 
What does it take to be a CIO

I jinxed the Bible … and I guess God lol … Discipline IS the road to LIFE!?


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